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Newcomer to CSS

Sent by Holly Bergevin on 24 September 2005 00:12

From: Nancy Smith [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

>I did my first CSS site, and I am ready to go back to
>tables!!!!  Please look at my site and tell me what I
>did wrong. I feel like such a looser - all that work
>and it the CSS doesn't work.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First, your images do not appear to be located anywhere where your HTML page can find them. 

Second, your style sheet is being served as text/plain instead of text/css, which means that Gecko
browsers (at least) will not use the styles. [1]

But I suspect the bigger (third) problem may be that you have the letters HTML stuck into your style
sheet at the very beginning. They are not commented out, they just sit there. This probably prevents
any other browser that might forgive the text/plain from reading/displaying the styles. Only valid
CSS or CSS comments may be in style sheets. 

Validators are your friends... [2][3]

Hope that helps,


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