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Why does the one graphic not show up for SOME?

Sent by Guy K. Haas on 23 September 2005 19:07

Thanks to Norm Loewen, Julie Angarone, and Richard Brown for taking a 
look at

on Macs with various browsers and reporting what they saw.

There should be a banner across the top, gradiating from white at the 
left to red at the right.  Superimposed on that gradient background, 
there should be a red colt at the left, then text in the middle, then a 
white colt at the right.  Some visitors, on some platforms, see no white 

Can anyone explain why the white colt is not visible for some?  Do I 
need a z-index or something?

   Guy K. Haas
   Software Exegete in Silicon Valley
   (working on a site for his wife's h.s. alumni group)

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