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textarea and printing

Sent by Brian Cummiskey on 23 September 2005 16:04

Josue Martinez wrote:
> Brian, have you used a different style sheet specifically for printed
> material (print/css)?

yes.  i have a main.css for media = screen and a print.css for media=print

> On 9/23/05, Julie Angarone [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote: 
>>I have done this - in the css for Print media I simply set the div that
>>scrolls to not have overflow in it - see my site:

This won't work for me.  I'm dealing with the actual 
<textarea></textarea> form element, not a scrolling div.

diego nunes wrote:
 >     Using only CSS I don't know how to achieve it, but it's very easy
 > with JavaScript, if you can use...

I can use javascript so long as its cross-browser (firefox/ie 6 on pc) 
and doesn't involve any onload() type functions (as i already have a 
huge onload and the page rendering is already suffering because of this 
on my machine with 512mb of ram)

Thanks for the advice so far guys.

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