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textarea and printing

Sent by Julie Angarone on 23 September 2005 15:03

I have done this - in the css for Print media I simply set the div that
scrolls to not have overflow in it - see my site:

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Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 10:14 AM
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Subject: [css-d] textarea and printing

Hi all.  Happy Friday :)

I'm working on setting up a print version for an online QA evaluation form
for my company.

The problem i'm having, is that if the entered text is bigger than what the
textarea can hold in physical shape/size, it obviously clips the text and is
not printed.  Whatever is in the scrolling part of the box is never seen.  I
can't have this and need to display all text.

Is there a way to style a textarea to act as a <p> tag, or something
similar, so it loses the box?  Simply display it all inline instead of being
in the scrolling text box?


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