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Off Topic - stats

Sent by Rob Cochrane on 23 September 2005 15:03

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Hi All,

I am as guilty as most of being drawn into off topic discussion. Often
not actually realising that it is off topic. Sometimes I have been
surprised that certain subjects have been allowed to run as I thought
them off topic. So I re-read all the guidelines and then did an analysis
of the last 450 posts on this list to see what actually were
the topics of discussion.

I derived the following stats:

On topic CSS practical discussion (general) 	34.82%
Request for a site check (Is this on topic??)	13.62%
IE specific(majority IE non-compliance)		27.23%
FireFox/mozilla specific			 5.13%
Opera specific					 2.23%
Safari specific					 2.01%
MAC IE specific					 2.46%
Off topic completely				12.50%

As can be seen from above and following on my own gut feel almost as 
much time is spent discussing hacking or pandering to IE as is done on 
general CSS discussion.

I do believe that every know hack for IE has already been well 
documented and published as well as all it's unique foibles.

Long before I joined this list I had found 99% of these hacks and 
work-arounds and implemented those I needed where I needed them. Those 
who have been on this list 'for ever' must be running crazy at the 
thought of another IE post.

In the guidelines it specifically states to validate X/HTML code, yet a
large number of requests for site check do not validate X/HTLM let alone

I believe that those designing with CSS or intending to, are serious web
designers and irrespective of working platform should have access to at 
least all the recent versions of IE, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera and Netscape 
as well as some text only browser available for localhost testing.

My base operating system is XP SP2 so in order to allow for Linux I 
acquired an old PII 500mzh (US$50.00 complete) and set it up in a 
network to test in Linux based browsers. The only browsers I cannot test 
are any Apple based ones as Apples cost huge sums of money here and have 
less than .01% market share here. That said subscribing to a browser 
service as run by some members of this list can be offset to the client 
or absorbed as an overhead of developing CSS websites.

Then when all avenues of testing have been explored locally and the site
validates both X/HTML and CSS and is still breaking apart or failing in 
some way a request to view the site and make suggestions can be posted 
providing all the relevant links to the web pages.

Hopefully this will be my last "off topic post"


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