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Safari problem

Sent by Andrew Gregory on 23 September 2005 14:02

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:21:37 +0800, Gunlaug Sørtun [EMAIL-REMOVED]>  

> Andrew Gregory wrote:
>> ... Safari chops off all the menus at the right edge  of the left-most  
>> drop down, although they are active for their full width even if you  
>> can't see it.
>>  Ex. <>
> Just a hint:
> li {
> display: inline-block;
> }
> (somewhat) better in my Safari.

Only somewhat? Looks perfect from what I see. In Konqueror too. Thank you  
so much!

> Must be added separately, as Firefox need 'display: inline;' as you have  
> now.

That's easy, inline first, inline-block second.

It totally blew apart the IE rendering, though. I had to add:

html li { display:inline }

into my "IE hacks" stylesheet (the html is there because the extra  
specifity was needed for some reason).

> Still some Safari-problems that I couldn't work out

You'll have to smack me over the head with them. The only other glitches I  
could see was my validation icon pop-out at the bottom of the page, which  
wasn't in the correct position until I hovered over it, and the Opera  
browser button at the top right of the page was out by a pixel. Neither  
are worth worrying about.

I'd been told the menus were bad in Safari months ago. This fix was so  
simple, I wish I'd asked back then!

Thanks again.

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