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Getting back into css...

Sent by Arlen Walker on 23 September 2005 13:01

On Sep 22, 2005, at 3:08 PM, Ian Skinner wrote:

> I have my copy, but have yet had the chance to read it, so I can  
> only comment that it exists and had decent review on Amazon.

I've read it, repeatedly. I can generally recommend anything with  
Molly's name on it, but this one is even better than her usual  
standard of performance. I learned a great deal about the kind of  
things that can be done (whether they *should* be done is another  
question, as usual) and I'm still not done assimilating it all. I'll  
be sitting here, working on an idea, and suddenly remember some  
little flourish that was in "Zen of CSS Design" that is similar to  
the design idea I just had and return to the book to study the  
technique again.

I read the book through the first time, marking in my head the pieces  
of it that applied to designs I'd already done, then went back to  
those places and worked out how I really should have implemented the  
designs. Then went through the book again looking specifically at  
those little touches I had wanted to include before but couldn't  
figure out how to include.

A copy belongs on *every* webmonkey's bookshelf.

Have Fun,

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