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100% Horizontal sub list was [*argh* listitis.....!?!?]

Sent by Kristina Floyd on 23 September 2005 09:09

Eric Shepherd wrote:
> making it, but you can check out, and my
> article on A List Apart, at,


Last night I worked through Erics ALA article, which is great.  And I 
thought I'd achieved what I needed and yup it is (almost) all lovely in 
FF.  Unfortunately its not so good in IE.  (I thought I'd tested it 
thoroughly, but this morning it would appear I haven't!)  Anyway in IE 
when the sublist is rolled over the li's all stop being inline and go 
vertically below the top sub list item.

If you have a moment please you take a look and see if you can figure 
out what I need to do, to stop the li's disappearing....


(Its soooooo close!)

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