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Safari problem

Sent by Andrew Gregory on 23 September 2005 08:08

Hi all,

Now that I've got "browser testing" off my chest, it's time to admit I  
haven't done much testing myself, in Safari anyway.

My excuse is that I'm a Windows person, not a Mac person, and until very  
recently, didn't have access to a Mac at all. The closest I got to Safari  
was Konqueoror running on a Linux virtual machine - not very close! :-)

In a recent visit to a Mac, I checked my site using Safari v1.3.1 and  
found a problem with my pure CSS drop-down menus. They work just fine in  
Opera, Firefox and IE (with script help) which leads me to think it's a  
Safari bug. Konqueror also has a problem in that the menus all appear in  
the left-most position. Safari chops off all the menus at the right edge  
of the left-most drop down, although they are active for their full width  
even if you can't see it.

Ex. <>

I found a relevant report in Konqueror's BTS and the menus are still quite  
accessible, at least until you get fairly deep into my site. Safari is  
different since it looks ugly, and you have trouble reading the truncated  

The relevant styles are in:


(about 100 lines down)

I had a look on the cssd wiki for any Safari specific bugs and  
workarounds, but I couldn't find anything. Do such sites exist? Are there  
any workarounds or things I could try to resolve this?

Thanks in advance for any hints, links, etc.

Andrew Gregory, <URL: [EMAIL-REMOVED] >
<URL: >
css-discuss [EMAIL-REMOVED]]
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