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Poor CSS work processes

Sent by Paul Novitski on 23 September 2005 08:08

At 11:27 PM 9/22/2005, Andrew Gregory wrote:
>The problem is the work process by
>which a design is only checked in one, maybe two browsers while the
>development proceeds, then when everything is "finished" it is checked in
>more browsers.

It's great to see this point made, Andrew (although I'm not 
absolutely sure it's on topic for this list).

A methodology I've found helpful in cross-browser development is to 
create wireframes early on:  HTML markup with Greek text and a 
stylesheet that applies only layout positioning and just enough color 
to differentiate blocks.  This is enough of a structure to test on a 
spectrum of browsers & tweak before the final text & graphics are 
ready to pour in.


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