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Why don't my images appear on site?

Sent by Steve Clason on 23 September 2005 03:03

On 9/22/2005 7:26 PM Nancy Smith wrote:
> I am doing my first CSS site and it is a killer.
> First, it doesn't look right in Foxfire or Monzilla,
> but only IE on the PC and Mac.  Very frustrating. 
> Second, none of my jpegs show up on the site. 

Hi Nancy,

This isn't a CSS issue, but your images don't show up because they 
aren't on the server, at least not where you think they are.  This 
should be an image, according to your markup:

but that URL generates a 404 error.

You might make sure the images have been uploaded to the server, and to 
what directory.

The main reason IE renders differently from Gecko browsers is that your 
host is serving your style sheet as "Content-Type: text/plain", which 
Gecko (rightly) refuses to treat as a style sheet (should be 
"Content-type:text/css", if memory serves.)

You'll have to get that stuff right and then we can help you if any CSS 
issues remain.

Steve Clason
Web Design and Development
Boulder, Colorado, USA

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