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Why don't my images appear on site?

Sent by Rimantas Liubertas on 23 September 2005 03:03

2005/9/23, Nancy Smith [EMAIL-REMOVED]>:
> I am doing my first CSS site and it is a killer.
> First, it doesn't look right in Foxfire or Monzilla,

Hi, some interesting browsers you have got ;)

> but only IE on the PC and Mac.  Very frustrating.
> Second, none of my jpegs show up on the site.

As far as I can tell your jpegs are not  on the server.
I've tried directly retrieve sidebar.jpg - it is not here,

aboutus.htm reffers to images/faucet.jpg, but there is no
faucet.jpg in the images directory...

And frankly, sorry to say that, but I wouldn't expect much of
the cross-browser compliance with the current state of your HTML.

Make it meaningfull and make if valid. Things likt that below look

      <p align="center">
        <label><br />
        Hose Bids </label>

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