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Re: Float in IE Mac expands design

Sent by Yazmin Media on 22 September 2005 19:07

On 9/22/05, Ben Curtis [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> It's difficult to tell what's going on, since you have many items on
> the page (images?) behind some password protection, and a large
> number of javascript errors stemming from DOCTYPE tags in your JS
> files. In addition, the XHTML does not validate (but likely would
> once you correct the capitalization) so we can't see if the CSS would
> validate. However, it sounds like I problem I've run into before.

Thank you Ben. This project is protected behind a realm. I should have made
a copy of the HTML as it comes out in the browser and uploaded that to my
personal server. That's what I've done now, so there should be no issues
with realm protection, however, it has duplicated some elements (which
should be ignored). I hope this fixes most issues that have been stopping
people from commenting.

Concerning validation, this is a canned system that we are trying to
customize without modifying core files. If there are validation issues not
associated with our added code, I unfortunately am not allowed to fix them.
But I have been sending these issues to the developer, so I hope they will
be fixed in future releases. However, I thought CSS files could be validated
separately. Is that not the case?

I haven't pinned down the problem, but it seems that Mac IE will
> sometimes improperly nest the element that follows an element removed
> from the flow (e.g., float or absolute positioned). The solution is
> to put a comment after the closing tag of each such element. In your
> case, see if placing a comment after your panel div works.
The panel div is actually three distinct divs with the same class but a
different id (panel1, panel2, and panel3) that sit one on top of the other.
I put a comment after each of these panels, but it did not fix the problem.

Yazmin Wickham
Contractor - Internet Development
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