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CSS in Theory & Practise

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 22 September 2005 17:05

> Yet there also are the practical issue of browser defaults 
> which pull  
> in the opposite direction. One might make assumptions about how the  
> browser will handle the page background-color, font-size & line- 
> height, or margin & padding but there is certainly no guarantee that  
> all browsers have the same defaults. Sometimes that's a non-issue,  
> but at other times it's certain result in a design breakdown that  
> creates an unpleasant user experience.
> So before I get all obsessive-compulsive and create CSS rules for  
> every possible design attribute it seemed like a good idea to ask if  
> there was any documentation covering the practical issues associated  
> with browser defaults for the major browsers. There's plenty of  
> coverage for which browsers support which CSS attributes, but I  
> haven't had much success in getting a better handle on dealing with  
> browser defaults.


You might want to take a look at this page discussing Global Whitespace

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