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Site check and Mac help please

Sent by Gunther Pilz on 22 September 2005 12:12

Hello list!

I have worked over my layout and tested it with a trial account at 
So I think (hope) that it should be alright in all major browsers.

There are two candidates, which make some problems.
One is Mac IE 5.2 (already had a version which worked, but can't get it 
fixed) where the side-col flows down beneath the main-col.
The other is NS 6.2 (all OS) where the top menu comes down to the header.

It would be very kind from you, if you could test the side
- with Javascript enabled/ disabled
- with different viewport sizes
- with different font-sizes/ text zoom (by browser)

Here's the Link to my page:

Further informations are on the site.

Thanks a lot!
Greetings Gunther

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