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tables VS divs

Sent by Kristina Floyd on 22 September 2005 09:09

shlomi asaf wrote:
> I'm facing now the dilemma between working with tables or div's
> im trying to figure what is the "golden path"


IMHO it shouldn't be a tables Vs divs argument - because both have their 
place when correctly marked up.  It should be a "tables for formatting" 
Vs CSS argument.  Plus divs can be just as overused (I'm just as guilty 
of that).

CSS will make your sites much easier to maintain in the future, if they 
are marked up correctly you will still be able to use the site even if 
your stylesheet fails.  (Or more to the point your visitor decides they 
want to turn it off, or apply their own styling).

The thing that is important is that you shouldn't force your website to 
be viewed a certain way.  Which a table formatted design will try to do 
and will also be more difficult to use on different platforms.

I totally understand what you mean about table formatted design being 
easier to create.

But just try a little test - try navigating around your site using 
nothing but the keyboard, try it on other sites too - ones that are CSS 
driven and ones that are table driven.  See how you get on.  Now turn 
off the CSS and images - are those sites still usable/accessible?  Are 
your sites still usable/accessible?  Which in your opinion came out 
best?  They might not look as pretty - but when it comes down to it - 
people want to access and use the information.

My 2p


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