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tables VS divs

Sent by shlomi asaf on 22 September 2005 09:09

HI Guys
I'm facing now the dilemma between working with tables or div's
im trying to figure what is the "golden path"

Sometimes div's seems to be overkilling achievement when I'm working
with a layout of 3 standing columns and one should relate to his
brother height

Even though div's are so functional/modular compare to tables layout, I
don't want myself to do everything in the sake of "i have to build my
site using only div's, because its what everybody does, so probably
there's a good reason for that"

I want to use the right technique in the right situation
Tables are so easy to maintain a steady structure, the left column is
relative to his right brother, they inherit each other dimensions and i
don't have to kill myself with html/css hacks to achieve repeating
BG_image in one column.

i built few suites using only div's, it gave me a headache, and when im
looking back, i see that i tried so much to be a div-site-builder, that
i forgot not to loose time in the way, and i forgot to question each
situation and figure what is the best way to dill with.

but im sure that im probably in my first few steps in my journey, and i
still need to learn the tricks, but it seems that to much energy is
waist instead of using what is simple and time saving in each specific

im sorry i dont bring up a discusion on a spacific example. i want
really to discuss to ideal/easy and energy saving way to built a web

thanks a lot
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