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Pure Dom Navigation List trouble in IE6

Sent by Isabel on 22 September 2005 00:12

Hi all,

I'm afraid I've not been able to grab time to read most my lists messages during the lasts months,
nor to answer any, pardon me please, but I'm getting kind of desperate on this new challenge, so I'm
turning on to you :):

I'm designing a site for a graphic company, still in the process of showing up the possibilities to
the client, still testing just in IE6 pc, latest Opera and latest Firefox and getting already
frustrated for not being able to tame IE.

The sites test pages is at: (background displaying fine) (troubled page) (basic css) (site wide css) (pure dom's list and gallery's css) (pure dom explorers script)

The simpler pages are displaying fairly ok, but at the page I decided to use an unordered using the
"pure dom explorer" from Christian Heilmann presented at,
a script I find truely elegant, and a thumbnail gallery following the exemple of Stu Nicholls in, and things are getting realy messy.

I was able to avoid the absolutly positioned list to jump over the tree pure dom list using a
content streching div bitween them, witch meens if the script isn't loaded, the lists comes all the
way down before the thumbnail gallery without destroying the structure for the "Gello Layout" (built
uppon the Mike Purvis's genius idea described at witch calls for a relatively positioned
wrapper div).

But although for latest Opera and Firefox things get preety well presented, IE seams not to regain
the space it saves when the list is shrinked uppon the script loading, so it leaves a continuos
space correspondent to the lenght it would ocupye if the list was all opened, and messing up that
spaces backgrounds. 

I might consider a different design, with a diferent kind of list, eventually one using "hover"s but
right now I really intend to solve this issue.

Since I cannot defined a maximum height for the list or any of its wrappers in IE, I presume it is
not possible to use css to fix the list after the script is applied. (is this true?) I thought of
the Peter-Paul Koch's structure used in the "Three column stretching" article at but it seams to undergo the same difficulty with IE: it streches, but it
doesn't shrinks.
Maybe I could make the script calculate the needed height and pull things up after the doms nodes
generation, say like reloading the page without reloading the script or something? (is this remotly
possible? I'm still assuming simples styles application wont work.)
IE loads other structures using similar principles quite well; for instance, (let them eat the cake's article) also uses
style.display:none and style.display:block based functions uppon scripts loading, altought at div
structures, and I see no extra spaces sretching heights. What am I missing? Does this has anything
to do with using an ul?
And finally, is there a valid reason for this not to be working, because of some stupid mistake, or
because it is symply incompatible with IE6 pc, period?

Ansiously looking forward for clues,
thank you very mutch for your time,

Isabel Santos

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