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How big is too big?

Sent by Tim Zappe on 21 September 2005 23:11

How big is too big?

   - What is a good rule of thumb for a CSS file size?
   - How big should all of the images used by your stylesheet be? --
   - What is a good size for a typical web page? -- I remember hearing
   60-80k, but that seems like we should be able to go bigger by now....I just
   don't know how big.
    - What screen resolution should we cater to? -- I noticed that A List
   Apart( <>) is now catering
   to 1024x1280 instead of 600x800 is this something that we can start moving
   our industry to, or is it still too early? If it is too early, when can we
   expect this change?
   - What are the appropriate sizes and techniques -- for CSS -- to mange
   users on mobile devices? -- PDASs, Phones, ect.

Can anyone point me to some literature on these topics? Thanks.

Tim Zappe <>
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