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How to get a good monospaced font for IE6

Sent by Felix Miata on 21 September 2005 20:08

Rick F. wrote:

> Ok.. I'm finding IE6 somewhat annoying with regards to monospaced fonts..
> I've got some reports that I generate that are tabular in nature and
> look fine in Firefox for both PC/Mac as well as Safari on Tiger (OSX).
> In reviewing how the output looks for IE6 on PC's I find that the font
> being used by that browser is proportional and all of my tabular data
> is all over the place horizontally speaking.  I searched the archives'
> of this list and found a few hints but am not that pleased with the
> results.
> I've tried setting my font-family for these reports to :
> 1: font-family: 'andale mono', 'lucida console', 'bitstream vera sans', monospace;
> 2: font-family: Arial, "Courier New", sans-serif, monospace;
> 3: font-family: Monaco, "Luxi Mono", "Courier New", Courier, monospace;
> 4: font-family: Courier, "Courier New", monospace;

'bitstream vera sans', Arial and (by default) sans-serif on windoze are
proportional fonts.
> I was originally using #4 which works great on Firefox and Safari but doesn't for IE6.

On WinXP, Courier and Courier New both look the same on FF and IE6 here.

> The only one that looks quasi monospaced for IE6 is #2..

It shouldn't, unless someone has removed Arial from the system and
Courier and/or Courier New is/are installed (at least one should be).
> I'd prefer not to serve up different css files for different browsers if I don't really
> need to.. Any ideas on a nice easy way to get a monospaced font behavior on IE6 and
> still work for Firefox & Safari?

How about a public screenshot to show us what you see?
Here's what I see on :

Ref. also to for
more looks at fonts.
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