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Feasibly Managing Text Size and other stuff

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 21 September 2005 16:04


> 1) If the text size is set on the browser to be larger than medium, 
> it completely breaks the site.  Outside of using a fluid design, how
>  do you manage this function?  Would using a fixed type size (such as
>  points) fix this?

No! Only IE/win would respect 'fixed' fontsize, and even that bugger can
override it. Other browsers can resize text, no matter what you do-- as
they should.

However, you have triggered the 'extreme font-steps bug' in IE/win. The
bug is triggered by the use of 'font: 1.0em' on body.
Change that to 'font: 100%' and it'll be fine.


Fixing the "problem" with font-resizing in browsers is most often done
by letting the text rearrange itself into new lines, and letting
containers expand in height -- vertical fluidity. That means *not*
setting height on containers, or using 'min-height' combined with a hack
for IE/win.

..some_classname {
min-height: 100px;/* for standard-compliant browsers */
_height: 100px;/* for IE/win */

> 3) Not sure if this a CSS issue but it cannot hurt to ask.  I use a 
> small horizontal lined image for my main background and when the page
>  expands to the point where the user has to scroll, it flickers 
> something horribly.

Not CSS-related, but narrow horizontal lines and sharp contrasts in
images often create flickering. The problem is depending on
hardware-quality (screen, cables) at the user-end, and the result can
become really bad.

Cure: Use a smoother image and test it well.


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