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Feasibly Managing Text Size and other stuff

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 21 September 2005 15:03

> This is my first post to any list of any kind so hopefully I did this right.
> While I have been perusing the list for sometime, I am a relative newby with
> respect to using CSS.  I just developed my first XHMTL/CSS site have run into
> a couple of seemingly simple issues.  I am sure I have seen the answers to at
> least one of these but cannot find the emails due to the prolific amount of
> traffic on this list so please bear with me if the subject has already been
> beat to death.
> 1) If the text size is set on the browser to be larger than medium, it
> completely breaks the site.  Outside of using a fluid design, how do you
> manage this function?  Would using a fixed type size (such as points) fix this?

Careful, a dark pit of long threads awaits you. A truth of the web:
You cannot control the font size unless you use flash or you use
images as text. And you shouldn't, as some visitors NEED to resize
text to make it readable for them. You can create CSS layouts though
that don't break when the text is resized, a great resource for that
is Dan Cederholm's book "Bullet Proof CSS", give it a try, you won't
regret it.
> 4) Does anyone know where I can get an extensive test template for logging CSS
> testing?  I would create one myself but am afraid I do not yet know enough and
> would miss some critical issues(especially from an assessability perspective).

Accessibility you mean? We use a checklist for that:

- Is the page structure understandable without CSS?
- Is the font resizable without breaking the page (overlapping content)
- can the browser window be resized without elements overlapping another?
- Is the standard font size legible 
- Does every part of the page have enough contrast between foreground
and background
- Are foreground and background colours unambiguous for colorblind
users (use Vischeck to simulate)
- Is there an obvious "you are here" state on the page / in the navigation
- Does the page make sense when images are turned off (image replacement)

Chris Heilmann 
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