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submitting forms via Enter

Sent by Zoe M. Gillenwater on 21 September 2005 15:03

David Feldman wrote:

> The problem is getting the Enter key to submit the form when the  
> cursor is in one of its fields. In Firefox it's easy: I just add a  
> submit <input> or <button> and hide it with CSS. But IE doesn't like  
> that...if the button is hidden the form won't submit. The best I've  
> been able to do is leave the button visible and move it way  
> offscreen, i.e. position:absolute; top:-2000px; left:-2000px. But  
> that's ugly. Any suggestions for a better way?


If moving the button off screen works, use it.  Why do you think it's 
any uglier than hiding it with display: none?


Zoe M. Gillenwater
Design Specialist
UNC Highway Safety Research Center

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