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*argh* listitis.....!?!?

Sent by Kristina Floyd on 21 September 2005 10:10

Eric Shepherd wrote:
> Also, there's no relationship right now between your top nav bar and
> the subnav - if the subnav is related to HOME, for example, it should
> be a nested list (ideally) or less ideally have some sort of heading
> that identifies it as a subnav. If I look at the page non-styled, the
> subnav simply lines up as list items following the upper nav, so it
> appears to be at the same hierarchy.


Thank you for all your advice I have taken it all on board.

Re; the topNav and subNav, and subNav being a sublist of topNav - I 
totally agree and really want to do this.  The trouble is I'm really 
struggling to make it work in the two horizontal lists as they are 
visually.  Do you know of any examples that I could follow and learn from?

Thanks again.

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