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text-justify and equal word-spacing

Sent by David Laakso on 21 September 2005 03:03

Johan wrote:

> My question:
> I need to not only justify align a text in a <P> but need to have a 
> equal word-spacing too,
> cross-browser, IE WIN does a great job with text-justify: newspaper.
> Other browser like Mozilla, one can use text-align:justify but the 
> words are not 'that' equally spaced
> but aligned justified.  Maybe word-spacing is an idea, tried it once 
> but not that consistent.
> Any ideas would be great?
> Regards,
> Johan.

Sorry. Forget it. It ain't gonna' work on the Web.There are too many 
variables. Use flush left/ragged right /or/ flush right/ragged left.

David Laakso

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