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How to maintain parent li:hover effect when child is hovered

Sent by Mann, Lydia on 20 September 2005 20:08

I've gotten help on this project a couple of times (thank you all) but have
one remaining problem:

When you hover over one of the *folder* tabs (on the left) the text turns
white and the background darker, created by two declarations:
background-position (for the image) and a:hover (color). I cannot figure out
how to keep those in place when the user rolls over one of the popout menus
(so that the parent tab remains dark with white text).

Here is a link to the markup
( and the CSS

I feel like I have read of a solution for this but can't recall and don't
seem to have the notes anywhere. I've gone back to the original article in
PIE but can't figure it out. If anyone has a solution, I'd love some

Thanks, in advance.

Lydia Mann

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