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Warnings in CSS validation

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 20 September 2005 20:08

Tanya Renne wrote:
>Can someone give me some insight around the warnings I get when 
>validating css? How seriously should they be taken? Is the goal to 
>have no errors and no warnings? What is the impact of different 

The goal is to have a good, working page.  The validator is one tool 
you can use to help you accomplish that goal.  Pleasing the validator 
should not be an end in itself.

Having said that, an "error" means that you have some CSS that is 
incorrect according to the validation profile you used.  There may be 
some good reasons for having errors (e.g. using some CSS3 features, 
even though validating against the CSS2 profile).  A "warning" means 
that the CSS is valid according to the profile, but may present 
problems for one reason or another.  You need to look at both 
warnings and errors and make sure that you understand what each one 
is and whether or not it will break your page.  How seriously you 
take them depends entirely on what they are.  The most common warning 
is not specifying color and background-color together.  Most of the 
time, this is not a show-stopping problem; however, it can be, so you 
need to look at your particular page and make sure.

More information is available on the Wiki: 


-Adam Kuehn
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