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*argh* listitis.....!?!?

Sent by Eric Shepherd on 20 September 2005 12:12

Kristina wrote:

> I'm concerned that i've got listitis....!!  What I mean is, I think I've
> gone from div-itis to li-stitis.

Kristina: I think much of the content on your page is lists. However,
the Venue Detail is not really a list. I would suggest that this
information is really a definition list - you have a parent "term" -
the venue - with children "definitions" or data about the venue. <dd>
definition tags also allow block-level content, so you can put
paragraphs in there, for example.

Also, there's no relationship right now between your top nav bar and
the subnav - if the subnav is related to HOME, for example, it should
be a nested list (ideally) or less ideally have some sort of heading
that identifies it as a subnav. If I look at the page non-styled, the
subnav simply lines up as list items following the upper nav, so it
appears to be at the same hierarchy.

There's no way to check for sure whether your markup is correct. But
rest in the knowledge that there really aren't THAT many HTML
tags...think about what the content really IS. In the case of your
nav, the secondary nav is (I think) hierarchically nested in the first
nav, so build it as a nested list and then style it to position where
you want.

In the case of lists, think about whether each of the items in your
list could be shuffled around without losing meaning. To me,
Lighthouse, Poole needs to be at the top - it's the parent, and the
rest is just meta data about the venue. So, a <dl> definition list
makes more sense to me than making it equivalent to the other list
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