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Ad-free Opera available for everyone

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 20 September 2005 08:08

Opera has announced that they are removing the ads from the 8.5
version of Opera browser, released today for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Read more here:

I also provide a link to download Opera (Windows or Mac only) from my
site if Opera's servers get overloaded. (Please don't link to the file
on my site, if you want to share it with others, give them the URL
above). also has a "New User's Guide" called
"30 days to becoming an Opera Lover" which is currently on day 23.  I
hope "switchers" will find it helpful.  If not, my apologies for the
interruption, and head over to to download Opera if
you'd like.

Happy coding!

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