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Acting on the properties of all _text_

Sent by Philippe Wittenbergh on 20 September 2005 06:06

On 20 Sep 2005, at 3:43 pm, Timo Sinnemäki wrote:

> I've tried to use the userContent.css file of Firefox to limit the 
> width of all text that is displayed, for easier readability. I can 
> make use of the p type selector, but it's worthless on sites that have 
> not wrapped their text in <p>-tags.
> Is there an answer to this problem?
> Using the universal selector is out of the question :).

Pretty radical and potentially disastrous what you attempt there.

* {max-width: 50em !important;} should limit the width of any element 
to a maximum of 50 em.

If you look at possibilities to control sites that you frequent more 
often, look at the possibilities offered by the @URL rules implemented 
by David Baron. It is a very nice mechanism for user stylesheet. You'll 
need the beta version of Firefox 1.5 for this.

Philippe Wittenbergh

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