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problems with layout at different dpi

Sent by Sam Brown on 19 September 2005 21:09

--- Scot Schlinger [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I am working on a design that has a problem on
> certain computers (dell 
> laptops within the company) at certain dpis in ie
> 6.x windows xp. If I view 
> the design in ff 1.0.6 there are no problems and up
> until the last changes 
> (see below) (so that the news and products areas
> would be in the correct 
> area) it worked fine on ie 6.x (desktop and laptops
> (96dpi)). If the site 
> looks correct at 96dpi on a desktop, in my
> experience, it works fine at 
> 120dpi also (very hard to duplicate problem). I made
> some ie hacks to change 
> the width of the news and featured products areas
> and they now (even at 
> 120dpi) are in the corect position, but have created
> a gap (don't think this 
> is the infamous 3-gap bug (but could be)) that looks
> to be 2 pixels? But 
> maybe only 1 pixel on the laptops with problems at
> 120dpi.

I had a nearly identical problem in that it first
evidenced itself on Dell laptops running IE. The
situation is, IE, by default, scales the rendering to
compensate for the higher DPI. Unfortunately, its
ability to do this effectively is "not good". The
problem on our site is that we are using a
pixel-perfect layout that had a width of 749px.
However, 749 is not evenly divisible by 2, therefore
producing rounding issues. The solution was to make
the layout 750px.

It looks like you were heading the same direction with
your solution, so I would, therefore, suggest you just
keep heading down that path until you produce
something that works for you.

There may be other viable solutions, but I wasn't able
to get anything else to work to my/our satisfaction.


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