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Image scaling issues with IE6 on screens with DPI of 120+

Sent by Drew Cox on 19 September 2005 20:08

I'm working on a layout that makes heavy use of a rounded corner
technique using images and I've just stumbled across a bug in IE6 that
appears to break just about every rounded corner technique I've seen.

So, from what I've gathered, IE6 will scale images up (even background
images) if the screen's DPI is set at some value higher than 96 (the
Dell Latitude in the office with 1400x1050 resolution came from the
factory with the setting at 120 DPI and the IE6 rendering bug along
with it).

There is an MSDN article about how to change the registry to prevent
it from scaling:

.... and a Dell KB article about how to fix the "problem":

Microsoft kind of hedges on calling it a "problem", but Dell
definitely refers to it as a "problem" that needs fixing.  Has anyone
else dealt with this problem?  Is it something that web designers need
to accomodate for, or is it just considered a bug in IE that can be
safely ignored?  Anyone have any clue as to how widespread this is?

Apparently, this has been around for quite some time (the Dell article
is from 2003) ... and Dell is still shipping laptops with the default
setting causing this problem.

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