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CSS newbie needs help getting out of tables PLEASE!

Sent by Julie Davis on 19 September 2005 19:07

Hello all!

I am new to the list and hope that I can call on your expertise to help me 
out. I have decided to take the leap into full table less design with the 
new web pages we are hoping to launch very soon. After reading through 
tons and tons of pages on the web I have yet to either find a fix to my 
problems or understand what I have found if I did actually happen across 
it. Here is a link to the page that I am working on in CSS, and here is a link 
to it in the tables version, I seem 
to have a couple of problems that I am running into:

1. My search box and links on the upper right hand corner of the page. 
Firefox seems to display this the best but I am missing the image that is 
supposed to be the top of the alumni, parent and clarkson community boxes. 
IE 6 displays that portion correctly but it expands the box (div) that it 
is contained in to do it.

2. My navigation links on the left display properly on Firefox but are 
showing up to far into the page on IE6.

3. In IE6 I seem to have a white block of space at the bottom of the page 
rather than the background color that is supposed to fill the space.

Please help!

If you need anymore information let me know I would be happy to provide 

I have worked on this for numerous hours this weekend, I have no other 
ideas of were to go and need to get up and running to start getting the 
content in. I am trying to keep with standards and make the page XHTML 1.1 

Julie M. Davis
Web/Graphic Designer
Clarkson University
PO Box 5535
Potsdam, NY 13699-5535
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