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variable width left column, left+right column tops line up

Sent by CJ Larson on 19 September 2005 17:05

My problem with floated <div>s is that the left column will not always
be the same width.  (The height doesn't concern me apart from wanting to
vertically center the graphic and list.)  This wouldn't be a problem if
I knew the maximum width of the graphics, but since I don't, the left
column is only as wide as the picture it holds - not as wide as the
widest picture on the page.

>From what I've seen, floated <div>s would give the following output:

| =============  :                            |
| =============  :      - bullet              |
| ===Graphic===  :      - bullet              |
| =============  :      - long bullet         |
| =============  :                            |
            ____/ [notice 2nd <div> left column much narrower]
           /      [height doesn't matter]
| ======= :      - bullet              |
| Graphic :      - bullet              |
| ======= :      - long long bullet    |

The question I posed to the list was asking if a CSS method exists that
would keep the left column the same width for all graphic/list pairs
without knowing the width (or height) of the graphic (and not using
tables, obviously).  I don't know enough CSS to be able to say for
certain that this functionality doesn't exist, but from what I *do*
know, I don't think it does.

I hope that helps clarify what I was trying to say.  :)  If not, let me
know!  Everything I say always makes sense to _me_.  lol

From: Christian

You don't have to do a table... you could use floated divs. It's more
accessible and will probably work the same way.
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