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new warnings when validating CSS file

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 19 September 2005 15:03

> Today, I am suddenly getting all of these warnings when validating my CSS
> file that weren't there last week. I didn't make any major changes to my css
> file. Most of the warnings say either:
>  You have no color with your background-color :
>  or :
>  You have no background-color with your color
>  and some say:
>  Same colors for color and background-color in two contexts
>  has anyone else experienced this and know how to fix these warnings and
> also why they would appear today, but not last week?

1) A warning is not an error
2) Yes, background colour and foreground colour should be both defined
and have enough contrast, however, adding background:transparent; just
to please a validator is making the validator more important than your
visitors or other developers who have to maintain your work. As
background _does_ get inherited it is not always necessary to define
it, pending the next parent element does have a background defined.
3) It is a validator, a stupid script running on a computer 
4) Pixies do this over night. Or maybe the validator has been changed.

Chris Heilmann 
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