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Re: Headers and footers

Sent by Edith Karnitsch @ Terranetwork on 19 September 2005 14:02

Joseph L. Hodge wrote "Is there any way to put the code for the header into
a single file and the code for the footer into a single file? Then, rather
than each page having a copy of the header and footer, it has a line (or
more) to call the code in from the file."
I don't think CSS can help here but a server-side includes (like mentioned
by Tim Reader) will help. I'm using PHP to achieve exactly the same - one
file for header, one for footer, all called into the main document via a PHP
command. If unfamiliar with PHP it might be best to start with a Beginner's
Guide to PHP. Alternatively, try googling for "PHP" and "include" (which is
the command you'd need to use). 
Edith Karnitsch


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