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Headers and footers

Sent by JOE HODGE on 19 September 2005 13:01


First time poster and have a question you might be able to help with or
point me in the right direction. I am having very little luck finding
any info on it.

I am working on a site for a client and the header and footer are
exactly the same on each page. Is there any way to put the code for the
header into a single file and the code for the footer into a single
file? Then, rather than each page having a copy of the header and
footer, it has a line (or more) to call the code in from the file.

This way if something changes in the header or footer I do not have to
edit every single page, I just edit the header file or the footer file.
I know this could be done within Dreamweaver or FrontPage or some other
tool. However, I am looking for a solution I can implement irrespective
of the tool being used, as I much prefer to use a simple text editor
such as EditPlus.

The website is if anyone is bored and
wants to take a peek at the work in progress. Feedback always

I am on digest so any direct replies would be much appreciated.

Thanks much,
Joseph L. Hodge
Technical Writing

Lostcreek Technologies Group
14335 Mill Hollow Lane
Strongsville, OH  44136

Voice: 440-268-0579
Fax: 440-268-0579
Mobile: 440-610-3598

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