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Table Column Background Problem in Mac/Safari

Sent by Edith Karnitsch @ Terranetwork on 18 September 2005 15:03

Hi everybody!


Newbie to the list (so any errors in my submission please let me know!)


The site I'm working on contains a table - I've tested on the following:

WindowsXP --> IE6, Opera, Firefox 1.0.6

Mac --> Safari

and I've noticed that Safari does not display the column background. Being a
bit of a perfectionist, I wanted to ask if this is a known issue (and
whether there's a work-around) or if I made an error. 


URL is:


CSS is:

(table formatting starts at line 194)


Relevant CSS is:


col.column901 {

          width: 90px; 

          background: rgb(241,242,244);



col.column902 {

          width: 90px; 

          background: rgb(234,236,238);



The design is two alternating column colours to make it easier to read data.
I've searched the web / list and my books but couldn't find a relevant entry
- Safari's support for columns seems to be patchy, but that's pretty much
all I found. Any links to relevant sites which document Safari bugs would be
welcome as I'm keen to get the site working on most platforms.  


PS: site still in development, dummy content only, only a few links working
(non-working links will lead to homepage), but any observations always
welcome. Site will be CSS-based but tables used where appropriate, i.e. in
product overviews. 


Many thanks!

Edith Karnitsch 


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