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Dropdown menu not working properly in IE

Sent by curson on 18 September 2005 12:12

Hello list,
I've been working on modifying the CSS-Dropdown/Floating Menu template from: for quite a while, and
once getting rid of all the "floating" part (I don't need it) and once
modified all the rest, I came out with 5 perfectly working dropdown menu for
my page. Of course, I used the needed ".htc" file workaround to make dropdown
working in IE. 

Now, the problem.

In Opera 8.02/Linux, Firefox 1.06/Linux+Win, Mozilla/Linux the dropdown work
perfectly as needed. Of course, not in IE x.x/Win. I know this code is not
going to work when jscripts are disable, but the fact is that IE displays
correctly the dropdown, but when scrolling down with the mouse, it's
impossible to reach the last "voice" in the list (the last one down), because
when the mouse is over there, the dropdown menu disappear. I thought could be
a problem of margins, but I really couldn't find out where is the real
difference between my code and the "" code. The only
big differences are about the missing floating-menu and dimensions.


I'm a novice with CSS, but the more I work with them, the more I hate IE :p


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