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Stupid Safari css table alignment difference

Sent by Marc Wolfgram on 17 September 2005 18:06

One friend's site I've done more for a favor than anything else has  
this strange table centering problem.

There are two identical pages, simple dog pedigree charts. Since the  
dogs are brother/sister, the data is identical except for the names  
of the dogs in the page <h1> and table <h5> tags. On one page the  
table centers in my internal div block properly, the other page left  
justifies it. This is only in Safari and has been driving me nuts.

Good page:
Bad page:

Any ideas?

Also, if anyone has any brilliance on a way to move this structure  
from tables to pure css, I'd be interested in hearing more. These are  
a PITA to do in tables but I cringe at the thought of what CSS magic  
I'd need to perform to eliminate them.

-- Marc
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