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Site check please

Sent by Jono on 17 September 2005 04:04

On 9/16/05 9:50 PM, "olly" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Hi,
.... I'm mainly concerned about Macs.

Looks good in Firefox 1.0.6, Safari 2.0, Opera 8.02, and somewhat good in IE
5.2.3 for Mac OS 10.4.2 (Tiger).

IE/Mac 5.2.3:

Home page:
The bottom of the second box - WhistleBump Records - is shifted off to the
right by the width of the blue thumbnail image inside the box.

About Us:
Looks good

The "release-content" box is appearing way off to the right.  I'm not
certain, but it looks like the top navigation may be pushing the "
release-content" box out the the right as it is left aligned with the right
outer-edge of the navigation.

Looks superb!

The bottom box - Simon Haggis' September 20 - is shifted to the right by
about 100px, which may be intentional.  If so, I'd align both of them left.

Looks good

Looks good

All Pages:
Hovering between "home" and "about us" causes the underline to appear below

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