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strange gap and css bp checklist

Sent by David Laakso on 16 September 2005 22:10

Tanya Renne wrote:

> other than that on this site: - the big 
> white gap at the bottom of the left column needs to go - it isn't on 
> the interior of the site - the homepage has the 3rd col - the interior 
> doesn't - what is causing it?

I do not know what is causing the gap, Tanya. It will be easier for 
someone to de-bug if you got rid of some of the human errors.
Tidy Online <> shows (and will correct some) 
of the 77 warnings and 4 errors.
The markup validator shows 37 errors.
Call the js from an external file and get rid of the markup problems-- 
things might look better. Or, at least the problem will be easier to 

> Thanks,
> -Tanya


David Laakso

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