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RE: [css-d] God Damn Netcsape

Sent by kris burford [midtempo] on 25 January 2002 07:07

Ken Westin:
>I love CSS, but does anyone know a good resource for cross browser
>(Netscape 4.7 especially) CSS. I have read quite a bit at A List Apart,
>but is there some kind of matrix out there that can help out in
>determining what can be used and what can't.

i too am having nasty issues with nn4. i'm trying to use a fluid 3 column
structure (a la and <link> a nn4 specific css
before i @import the other.

my problems are generally caused by having to define absolute positioning in
the divs for nn4 with {left:Xpx; top Ypx; width:Zpx;} but, because the
@import sheet doesn't utilise these styles and is inheriting the values it
messes the layout up completely.

is there a way that you can prevent inheritance within the @import.css?
(i.e. so that those browsers that understand @import start afresh???)

oh, i've set a class in nn4.css " .none {display:none} " and then in the
@import.css restated the class with {display: inline} - any image which i've
used style="float:left" on i also set the class to "none". not sure whether
this is "proper" but it seems to work!

examples of all this at:


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