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floating background without scroll bars

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 16 September 2005 19:07

rashantha de silva wrote:
> does anyone know/explain how the floating background is accomplished  at 
> this site
> <>

A wide (1100+) image with the 'visible' part offset to one side on an 
'invisible' (white) background.
Styled with 'body {background-position: center top;}' it'll stay put 
until the window-width becomes so narrow that the fixed-width elements 
create a scrollbar, and since background-images don't affect the 
container (body) or create scrollbars, it'll create a nice illusion.

They just forgot to test the design thoroughly across browser-land, so 
the illusion is slightly broken in Opera, where 'padding:0' on body is 

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