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false table

Sent by Felix Miata on 16 September 2005 17:05

chuck clark wrote:
>  I am trying to create a simple table that displays prices. I guess a real
> html table can be used here, but i am trying to stick with what i have, or
> close to it.
> <p><span class="rightside">$ 10.00</span>SubTotal</p>
> <p><span class="rightside">$ 2.99</span>Shipping</p>
> <p><span class="rightside">$ 1.59</span>Tax</p>
> <p><span class="rightside" id="total" >$ 14.58</span>Total</p>
> The problem is in order to float:right the prices, i need to put them before
> the labels.
> How can I modify my css so i have more appropriate html, ie
> <p>SubTotal<span class="rightside">$ 10.00</span></p>

What you have in most invoicing is tabular data. Why don't you want to
use a table?
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