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Is it possible to style a cell TD so that images inside of it with links have no border?

Sent by Bruce Searl on 16 September 2005 02:02

Hello all you CSS brains.
I've got what might be a simple "no", or "why would you?" or "You can - but you
shouldn't!" sort of question. 
But thus far all I've been able to do is nothing...
The goal is to apply formatting to a table or table cell, that will prevent the border
from showing if the image contained in it has a link around it... so instead of typically
doing it like this:

<td><a href="link.asp"><img src="image.jpg" border="0"></a></td>

It would be something like this... 

<td border="0"><a href="link.asp"><img src="image.jpg"></a></td>

Of course my above example won't work... the image will have a link box around it... is
there a correct CSS way to do it?
Thanks much in advance!
Bruce Searl
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