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Problem with printing in IE6

Sent by Chris Long on 15 September 2005 22:10

Hello all.  I've got a baffling little problem here and I'm hoping
someone can help me out.
When you try to print a page in IE6 that would take up more than one
sheet of paper, IE breaks off the first page directly under the
navigation bar, and begins the content at the start of the second piece
of paper, leaving a large empty section on the first paper.  This
happens when printing AND in print preview so I believe it has to do
with IE's printer rendering.
An example of a page with the problem is:
But if it takes less than a full sheet of paper to print, then
everything appears normally, as you can view on this page:
This problem has been frustrating me and I've been trying to search for
a solution but have so far come up empty-handed.  It's one of a few very
irritating problems we've encountered since the redesign we launched in
July, moving the website toward better, standards-based markup.
Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

Chris Long
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