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Printing resized text

Sent by Ben Curtis on 15 September 2005 19:07

It seems that only in very few places on the web can I resize my  
text, then print, and have the printed text respect the new size I've  
chosen. I do this often, because most pages print edge to edge, which  
is hard to read, so I print 2-up (two shrunken pages, side-by-side  
and rotated, on one sheet of paper) to mimic columns. But if the  
print is too small, I try to enlarge it before printing. Sometimes it  
works; most times it doesn't.

Is there some CSS thing that either helps or hinders the print  
version taking the same resized text as the screen version? Although  
my reason for discovering the failure is not common, I suspect that  
people who enlarge text on the screen will want it larger on paper,  
and I don't want to get in the way of that.


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