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Opera and IE, each having different problems

Sent by David Laakso on 15 September 2005 17:05

>> ugo pozo wrote:
>>> URL:
>>> CSS:
>> XP_SP2 IE/FF/Opera
>> Ugo,
>> Well, I feel like a total idiot because I see none of these 
>> horrendous problems you write about. I gotta' tell you though that I 
>> hate the 62.5% font-size, combined with a line length that stretches 
>> from here to eternity. What's that baby look like on a 3400px 
>> monitor? At 1280, after zooming it to read, I felt as though I was 
>> looking at a billboard.
>> Best,
>> ~dL
In taking another look at your page, I see now see the scroll bar 
problem in IE6.0. I have been working on a similar, but less complicated 
layout, and this a a fix that Ingo Choa gave me for  similar problem I 
had in IE.
Ingo wrote and provided the following fix:
You are moving the scrollbar from body to #content, and hide it at body.
But the scrollbar buttons are now overpainted by the absolutely 
postioned  #header and #footer. Maybe you should leave some space for 
the arrows?
<!--[if lte IE 6]>
<style type="text/css">
body { overflow:auto; }
div#content { height:100%; overflow:auto; }
div#header, div#footer  {left: auto !important; right: 20px;}
/* space for arrows */
I did not look at your code, so do not know if this applicable in your 
FWIW, this is the page I am referencing: 

David Laakso

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