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Firefox Background Image No Show

Sent by Scott Moore on 15 September 2005 15:03

Ingo and Roger, thanks for taking a look.

Ingo, I removed overflow: hidden from #nav and #nav a and it appears  
to have solved the problem on both the PC and Mac versions of  
Firefox. I didn't test the 1.5beta though, but you can find the new  
page here:  
Note that if you click into the site, the CSS switches back to old  
version at the moment.

So I guess the overflow: hidden wasn't required since I was defining  
the height of the nav??

Regarding the link to discussions on the topic, I should have  
clarified that they weren't from this list. If you Google firefox 
+background+image, you'll be able to find the various links I was  
referring to - they're all over the place.

Roger, in regard to resizing the main nav, this'll sound like an  
excuse, but I didn't do the design - I was only asked to code it. And  
my suggestions/recommendations only pull so much weight.

Thanks for the help.


On Sep 15, 2005, at 1:49 AM, Ingo Chao wrote:

While it is still reproducible with Fx 1.0.5 (but not with 1.5beta1),  
I somewhat fail to reproduce the problem on a local copy: the menu  
shows up, but when I hit refresh rapidly (to flood the cache?), it  
does not reappear. Sometimes. Sometimes not.

So I can't test it here locally. I'd like to ask you to test the  
navigation without this "overflow-stuff" Moz tends to have problems  
with (#nav a and #nav), and come back with an alternate URL with/ 
without to test both options.

And it would be nice to have a link to the "discussion" about this  


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